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Although many hotels in Hanoi are helpful and trustworthy, there are still some scams around. Some taxi drivers are paid by rival hotels to divert you away from the hotel you have booked that this one is overbooked etc. Another scam involves sending someone to stand in front of the hotel you have booked. When you arrive they tell you that the hotel is full (when it isn’t) and divert you to their own hotel, often claiming it is run by the same people as the place you booked.  Do not trust these people. Always insist on being taken to Hanoi Old Centre Hotel (formerly named Hanoi Lakeside Hotel), address 19 Hang Hanh Street, and then come in to the hotel and talk to our friendly staff at the desk 24 hours. If someone outside our hotel diverts you to another hotel we cannot guarantee what quality of service you will receive there.By mail we are so pleased to have your require at : or Hotline: +84 9 73 315 826

In order to avoid hassle from the taxi scams, we provide you our airport pick up service  at very competitive rates as details:

Option Type of vehicles Price/car/trip (USD)
Option 01 4-seater car 18$
Option 02 7-seater car 22$
Option 03 16-seater van 28$
Option 04 25-seater coach 65$

REMARK : If you choose to arrange your own transport please write down our address : 19 Hang Hanh Street (beside Hoan Kiem Lake) to get right hotel. And if this is your first time in Hanoi, we suggest you shouldn't pay the taxi in Vietnamese dong as we have had customers who were badly ripped off, being charged several times the correct rate.

Have a safe trip!

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